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Lab-Created Diamonds



First and foremost, lab-created diamonds are the exact same chemical composition as a natural mined diamond. They just differ on how they are created. Instead of extracting diamonds from countries like Africa or Russia, laboratories create their stones above ground, leaving zero carbon footprints, and ensuring an ethical and environmentally-friendly diamond. Each diamond actually grows organically in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two man-made lab diamonds are alike. Each is completely unique and natural.

Lab-created white diamonds are guaranteed, graded and are not pre-owned. All lab diamonds we offer are graded at the highest industry standards by highly trained GIA gemologists and are given a GCAL or IGI certificate to ensure the grading of the stone (*not a GIA certificate).

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Purchasing a lab-created diamond is an amazing option when trying to maximize your budget, as these stones can be up to 10-15% less expensive than natural diamonds. Additionally, these are also the most ethical and sustainable option for a White Diamond there is. You know exactly where the diamond came from so there is no question about whether it was ethically sourced.


Some people are traditional and prefer a natural diamond that was created in the Earth. But to counter that, lab-created diamonds are 100% the same composition as natural diamonds, just produced in a different environment. Additionally, natural diamonds have a much higher resale value than lab diamonds. So if you plan on selling the stone down the line, that is something to consider.