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Rose Cut Diamonds


Rose Cut Diamonds are different than the traditional 'Brilliant Cut' diamond we know in this modern era. With anywhere from 3 to 24 facets, a Rose Cut Diamond resembles the shape of a rose bud. In general, they are flat at the bottom and creating a larger surface area for the stone’s brilliance. 

One of the most striking characteristics of a Rose Cut Diamond is it’s flat base. These stones lack a pavilion, which is the pointy base that you typically see on modern round brilliant diamonds. 
See a side-by-side of the stones below so you can see the difference between them.


Another bonus of buying a rose cut is since it is flat on the bottom, the stone’s size appears much larger than its actual carat weight. For example, a 6mm round diamond would be around 0.9 carat in a modern round brilliant cut (a traditional diamond) and around 0.42 carat in a rose cut. They look the same from the top view since they are the same width, but the lack of the base of the rose cut makes it lighter so you end up paying less since it’s a lower carat weight.

We offer Rose Cut Diamonds that are GIA certified, as well as non-certified stones. We also offer Lab-Created Rose Cut Diamonds too from The Diamond Foundry.

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Please note this is estimated pricing for a Rose Cut Diamond (Color G-H, Clarity: VS2-SI1). For more specific pricing, email us at and we can send you exact pricing based on your specifications and what is available.