Salt + Pepper Diamonds

What is a Salt + Pepper Diamond?

Most diamonds have flaws known as inclusions. There can be different kinds of inclusions, they can be black, white or different shapes, sizes, and even colors. "Salt + Pepper" is an informal term that refers to white and black inclusions, which gives them a grey/blue tone. Salt + Pepper diamonds are known for their earthiness, depth of color and shimmering ice grey aesthetic.

The chart below shows the range of colors that Salt and Pepper Diamonds typically come in.

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Because these diamonds are less rare than more traditional diamonds, their price points can also be more affordable and great way to find a fun ring with the durability of diamond at a great price. Please note this pricing below is an estimate- pricing may vary per stone.

Grading System
Standard diamonds are graded on their 4 C’s – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. However, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are not graded and do not come with any certification.

The Salt & Pepper Kite Ring pictured here with a kite-shaped Salt + Pepper stone
The Ophelia Ring shown with a  1.06 ct. Round Cut Salt + Pepper Diamond center stone

Size + Shape Availability
Salt + Pepper diamonds come in about any shape and size, which leaves a lot of flexibility with the design process! Every one of our engagement rings can be made with the salt + pepper diamond of your choice.

Eco Friendly
A salt + pepper diamond is far less taxing on the environment than regular diamonds are. Because salt + pepper diamonds come rough-hewn and raw, they save much more time and resources than mining traditional diamonds. During the mining process, large amounts of rock and soil are extracted from the ground to find small diamond deposits. Then, they are sent to separate facilities off-site where ore is processed and the rough diamonds are pulled out.  Depending on how rich the ore is, a few hundred tons might be extracted just to produce one carat of gem-quality rough diamonds!