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Rustic Diamonds

Rustic Diamonds are diamonds characterized by their abundance of inclusions. Inclusions are small “imperfections” inside the diamond, and they are caused by extreme heat and pressure while they are formed deep within the earth.  With rustic diamonds in particular, we love them because of their beautiful inclusions and the interesting pattern it creates within the stone.

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We offer a wide range of rustic diamond colors- ranging from clear, to light grey (salt + pepper), to yellow, to light pink/orange.

They also come in a variety of shapes. Row 1 (to the left) are all Shield Cut. Row 2 are all Hexagons. Row 3 shows the more Elongated Geometric cuts, as well as a diamond-shaped slice on the very bottom. Row 4 shows the more traditional shapes- such as Round, Emerald cut, and Oval cut.